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You Dipped a Finger

November 15, 2017
By Ron Panzer

You never knew
that the path began
or where it ends.

You only saw
darkening skies
and brought a light.

Without a thought
You reached out!
... to shield them.

dark storms gathered.
You were surprised.

Now, eyes open,
darkness revealed,
You cling to the Light.

Once friends — foes,
Once trusted,
now distant mirage.

You wonder,
"What good did it do?"

Feeling so alone ...
You are not!

Clouds pierced,
finally reveals Himself!

All is changed,
and through an open door
beyond, a narrow path.

Don't you see?
Don't you understand?

Long ago,
You passed by the stream
of clear waters!

Your finger
And tasted sweetness Itself.

Perhaps you lifted a spoon,
shared a kind word,
saved a life!

Dare you
to save a world?

You took a chance!
Chose a choice.

Now bent and scarred,
You slowly step.

The familiar dance begins,
as clouds pour across the sky.

It's no wonder
you stop and ask,
"Did it really matter?"

Nothing matters more!
Ripples radiated!
Touching all.

Thanking you,
Thanking Him!

Praising you,
Praising Him!

We see you.
We thank you!
Know — He sees!

Child of God
Your heart could do
Nothing other.

We understand.
He knows!

Your love — His love!
Your light — His light!
Your life — His life!

Blessed you are.

They will come
and dip their fingers, too!

Watch them swiftly dance!

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