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"I Dare!"


October 11, 2017
By Ron Panzer

You frowned and said,
you were disappointed
... very disappointed!

You were
offended, very offended
that I stated what is known from science.

Yet you,
you push your views
as if they are true!

I dare
to stand for life!

I dare
to recognize the embryo and fetus
as human beings!

I dare
to stand for life
at the beginning, middle, and end

and recognize
the miraculous beings before me
to serve and care for and love!

I dare
to name the threats
and protect life at any stage

I dare
to risk what it takes
to save those other lives.

I dare
to refuse to turn my back
on the defenseless

And I know
He is with us
when we do all these things.

I dare
to voice my beliefs
though disapproved and unwanted.

I know
Some will
to not hear, not see, nor understand.

They voice
their "approved" agenda
yet seek to shut me down.

So long as I live
His children's lives
I will defend and serve.

I dare
to speak the truth
No matter how unpopular

You shout and sneer,
"How arrogant!
"There is no truth!"

Though a price's to be paid,
My reward
He's already given!

Though you hate,
My heart
He's already filled!

I know
my Beloved is with me
I am not alone!

He leads me
on an awesome and
astonishing path!

I dare
to hold onto His feet
as I bow and pray

Though I am
as nothing
He loves beyond understanding.

I dare
to call out,
My Lord, my God!

We dare
to call out,
Our Lord, our glorious God!

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