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The Spirit of Christmas

By Ron Panzer
President Hospice Patients Alliance
December 25, 2006

The Spirit of Christmas
is revealed in the wind, in the rain,
in the night and day,
in the beauty of this world,
if only we take time to see.

The Spirit of Christmas is revealed in the heart
that laughs, and cries out with joy,
remembering the Joy He brings
throughout this life.

Yet the Spirit of Christmas
is also revealed in times of sadness and grief,
for we are forced to remember Him
and to find Him, and in remembering Him ...
we know the peace and comfort He gives.

Whether living or dying,
we think too much of fighting and taking,
and of hurts that then hurt all over again.
Rather dwell on loving and being!
... being with Him now,
this beautiful day and life,
and being with each other,
with fullness of heart.

When the time comes,
now, and now and now ...
each moment, each day,
may you remember He that made you,
He that made this you see,
and He that made this day.

There can be no greater gift,
we give ourselves and all ...
it is only to remember Him
and to live within His grace.

Finally seeing His face
shining with love upon us,
we realize it is we ... all of us,
who simply have forgotten the Lord.

It is we who have ignored Him
... for so long,
so missed Him so long.

We suffer so heavily
only because of that forgetting
and the not knowing
He was with us all along.

No need to struggle,
no need to fight,
No need to suffer and fear,
His love is with us.

When we dare to love,
His love is with all.
Dare to love, dare to serve,
let go your pain and be free!

Then you will be one
who loves as He loved
and gives as He gave,
and knows joy beyond words,
the joy that is joy.

See the Spirit of Christmas
revealed in the wind, in the rain,
revealed in the night and the day,
revealed in the hearts of each other,
if only we take time to see.

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