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Privacy Policy and Security of Information

"Internet Cookies"

Hospice Patients Alliance itself does not use internet "cookies" nor do we track customers' internet surfing patterns.

Our online secure e-commerce site used for donations and book orders uses cookies. The "cookies" used are simply to help process information you enter when placing an order for our book or making a donation. Hospice Patients Alliance does not gather any personal information when cookies are used, nor does Hospice Patients Alliance share any personal information with any other organization or business in any way at all.

We only "collect" name and address information when you fill out the online order form to order our books or to make a donation which supports our mission of serving hospice patients and their families and improving hospice services throughout our nation. Regulations require us to keep records of those who donate to our nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and to issue a receipt to those who donate or purchase materials for sale.

Encrypted Transaction

When customers wish to order our books, customers can place their orders by filling out an order form and sending it in by mail or by filling in an online order form at our secure e-commerce site and can send their order information via an encrypted, secure computer/server. Secure sites on the internet are indicated by the address URL: "https://....." (with an "s" added) rather than simply "http://....."

In the case of online orders, the credit card information is encrypted and securely electronically routed through the secure computer processing center for authorization. The purchase amount is authorized by the credit card processing company, and the order is then sent to us for order procesing.

HPA does Not Store or Even Receive Credit Card Info Itself

Credit Card Information. When you provide credit card information through our Service, the information you provide is never stored on our server. Instead, when you click on the submit button, it is process through a third-party credit card service provider. For donations, PayPal provides the online secure payment processing service. For printed books, The Book Patch.com provides that service.

Industry standard Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) software to encrypt all of your credit card information is used as it travels over the Internet to our third-party service providers. We do not retain a copy of your credit card information. Our service providers use your credit card information only to process your transaction (and for fraud prevention purposes) and are bound by contract to keep your credit card information confidential. This is the same process that all banks used to process and transmit deposits and withdrawals over the internet.

Disclaimer Regarding Links to Other Sites and Website Information

This site contains links to other sites. We have tried our best to provide links to other sites that will prove useful and relevant to those visitors to our site who are seeking information and assistance in their own unique situations. We believe that the sites linked to are reputable and reliable sources of information, however, we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these other web sites.

The information contained in our website is for informational purposes only, given in the spirit of consumer advocacy. We believe that informed consumers of hospice services will be better served by hospice agencies, and that once informed, hospice patients and their families will better know how to go about obtaining quality hospice services which provide a death with dignity and peace.

We do not provide legal or medical advice. If you need legal or medical advice, you are strongly encouraged to consult a competent, experienced and reliable attorney or physician.

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