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Jesus, Yeshua, Lord of all life!

Pray at Christmas — This and Every Day!


By Ron Panzer

December 18, 2015

Day begins,
we raise our sleepy eyes to You,
and enter the temple of life.

Your eyes look down,
Your loving-kindness,
Lifting and comforting us.

Here You are!
Amazingly with us
everywhere we turn.

You have shown us
The need to care is great:
So much suffering in this world!

Because of Your unending love,
our caring never ends,
and we lovingly serve those you send.

Through each one,
every one,
we really serve You.

Tending to their wounds
our own scars are healed!

Yet, we busy ourselves
And forget.
Foolishly we imagine You gone!

Terrible night begins anew.
Our hearts ache,
and we faint with thirst.

Weary and so alone,
We call out,

Suddenly You appear
like lightning
scattering all our dark skies!

Our hearts overflow!
most beautiful,
Most glorious Lord!

Your splendor has no limit.
To all Creation You say,
"I am!"

The same "I am"
through all ages,
"I am that I am!"

Dazzling Truth!
Amazing Love!
Dear and Holy God!

We reach out to touch You
and realize
we walk on holy ground.

So, we fall to our knees
clinging to Your holy feet
and know unspeakable peace.

Dear and wondrous Lord!
Thank You
for Your great mercy!

Glorious Lord,
We begin to understand,
Your Day never ends.

Unending Love,
unending Peace,
unending Light!

so sweet!
Your Spirit burns within.

Our hearts thrill,
Our hearts sing,
Praise without words!

Through Your grace
We live anew,
Astonishing life!

You have come!
Emmanuel, Beloved!
God with and within us.


Beauty from Beauty,
unending Being - Life
from Being - Life!

Perfect Love from Love!
Light from Light,
Joy from Joy!

Prince of peace,
Yeshua, Jesus,
Son of God, sent by God!

We bow before You,
Lord of Righteousness,
King of kings!

This day,
every day,
Dear Lord,

This is
Your glorious
and holy Day!

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