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    The distributor for printed copies of our books (TheBookPatch.com) ships anywhere in the world using the United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service as you select.


    Because you may review 100% of the contents of the books listed at The Book Patch online here at this website, before making a purchase, there is no reason to get a refund (except for a book damaged in shipping).

If you do decide to obtain a printed hard copy after reviewing the contents online, you can order the following books online at our distributor, The Book Patch.com:

Stealth Euthanasia: Healthcare Tyranny in America

Restoring the Culture of Life (The Ethics of Life in Healthcare and Society)

Articles By Ron Panzer    (May 2012 through June 2016)

Articles By Ron Panzer     (2003 through 2012)

Any of these books may be purchased at The Book Patch.com at the links above.

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Several credit cards and Paypal are accepted for donations at our secure E-commerce Site (Paypal).

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