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"Little Son"

January 17, 2008
Ron Panzer, Pres., Hospice Patients Alliance

It's too late!
Time is up!
I wanted so much to tell you,
But there's no chance.

Suddenly, I'm gone ...
No longer will I hold you in my arms.
No longer will I hear your voice.
No longer will I live in this wondrous world.

But here I am.
Alive, but not in the world.
Here, but not where I was.
Loving you still.

I, but a shimmering form.
Here, wherever this is.
Others nod, knowing already
"All is well."

Smiling without having to smile.
Loving without needing to speak.
Warm, present,

For an instant I fear you will not see,
but somehow you do.
For an instant I fear you will not hear,
but somehow you do, ... you know.

My love reaches out
across no distance
Bridging a seeming "divide"
only imagined by those yet in the world
Embracing you,
Telling you, "it is ok!"
"Be who you are meant to be!"
"Do what your heart calls you to do!"

You too are in the world
but for a little while,
And we will again be together
In the light, aware, loving, here.

My time is done
in this wondrous world,
But you are now a man,
my little son.

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