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Why I Became A Nursing Home Advocate

10 Essential Traits of Real Patient Advocacy Groups

Ila Swan   -   On Alzheimer's "Diagnosis" and "Treatment"

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request information from Ila Swan

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request information from Violette King

The Danger of an Alzheimer's diagnosis

The Dangers of Vest Restraints

Largest nursing home chains Ranked by number of beds as of January 1999 

Ila's List of things families, advocates and volunteers should watch out for in a nursing home

Signs of Dehydration in a Nursing Home Patient

How to file an appeal when the nursing home over-sight system tells you your complaint is 'unsubstantiated or 'no deficiencies found

Some Donations Given to Tommy G. Thompson (Head of US HHS)
While Governor of Wisconsin

How the Health Care Industry Buys Influence in Government
Find Out Where The Soft-Money is Going In Politics:
Who Gives? Who Gets? US Senators, US Reps, Statewide Officials, State Senators, State Reps

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