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See archives of "Fillmore Capital Partners LLC to acquire Beverly: Beverly execs get millions!"
Beverly C.E.O. William Floyd gets $ 40. 2 million!
Dec, 2005

Ohio Bush Donors Richly Rewarded
October, 2005

Nursing home fines going uncollected
April, 2005: "The federal government collected only 42% of the civil penalty fines levied against the nursing home industry for quality-of-care problems during a two-year period, a government report out today says."

Nursing homes at odds over reimbursements
By MARY MASSINGALE - State Journal Register, Springfield, IL, Nov. 2003
As many downstate nursing homes struggle to keep their doors open, records show that some Cook County facilities are getting paid at least 150 percent of their costs to care for residents through the Medicaid system. And those facilities apparently want to keep it that way, as high-profile lobbying efforts are afoot to derail new rules that would partially correct a geographic disparity in what downstate nursing home owners call a flawed Medicaid formula. Medicaid is the state-federal health insurance for the poor and disabled. "Some facilities are making millions off this program, ...."

Report finds nursing home abuse on the rise
WASHINGTON (AP) July 30, 2001: "Elderly people were abused in nearly a third of the nation's nursing homes in the past two years, many of them suffering serious injuries such as hip fractures, congressional investigators said Monday."   .....   "Some 5,283 nursing homes were cited for abuse violations, according to a review of state inspection records requested by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif. These homes were cited for nearly 9,000 abuse violations from January 1999 to January 2001. .... "
Full Congressional Report on Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

article formerly at:; New Study Shows That Lawsuits Have Saved Million of Lives
The Center for Justice and Democracy ( has released information showing that lawsuits have saved millions of lives. President Bush is working to get "tort reform" which would prevent the people of our nation from suing nursing homes that abuse and neglect our loved ones! Tort reform is another word for violating our constitutional rights to our day in court! Legal action is one of the only really effective ways of getting a big long term care corporation to change its ways.

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