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Ila Swan was a dedicated patient advocate who has worked for many years to protect vulnerable nursing home patients in the California area, and other areas of the United States. Working on her own, and with other advocates, she has learned about "the system" which is supposed to protect the patients, but often is a web of continuous "runaround' where families plead for help and get nothing! Government agencies have often failed to protect the patients they are responsible to protect. Corporations that own and administer nursing homes often make large donations to political candidates and officials seeking re-election.

Ila has done the research, inspected the nursing homes on her own when the State would not, and discovered the truth about most nursing homes: the quality of care in most nursing homes is abominably low and the level of staffing is inadequate for even good health care professionals to do a decent job. When understaffing and "corner-cutting" remain the norm in the nursing home industry, placing your loved one in any nursing home is making a leap of faith that no family should have to make. Ila has lobbied the state and federal representatives to improve standards of care for nursing homes and has exposed the conflict of interest of those who accept industry money, while publicly professing to "care" about the patients.

If you have ever wondered why nothing seems to change in the nursing homes you have seen, take a look at Ila's information here, information at the A.P.E. website and your questions will be answered. If you need help resolving problems in a nursing home, contact Ila for information and assistance.

Nursing home patients are dying daily due to abuse and neglect. That is a fact. When a person is killed in a violent attack, the police are quick to arrest the guilty perpetrators. However, when our loved ones are killed in a nursing home, the police and district attorneys almost always do nothing! They, by their inaction, encourage the nursing home administrators and owners to continue to abuse and neglect patiens while increasing profit for their chief executives and stockholders. Just because patients have entered into a nursing home for assistance does not mean that they cease to have rights as human beings and citizens of the United States. Our loved ones deserve decent care, adequate staffing, and humane treatment wherever they reside. Ila Swan was working toward that goal.

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