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The hospice Home Health Aide (sometimes called "CNA") provides basic bedside care for the patient. The Home Health Aide will often be the Team member who actually spends the most time with the hospice patient and family, because they are providing the basic care in the home (or facility) and helping the patient with the routine activities of daily living (ADLs).

The home health aide reports directly to the RN case manager and must follow the plan of care and nursing orders made by the RN case manager. The home health aide will make regular visits to the patient and family, provide help as needed for bathing, dressing, and eating, for example. She checks the patient's vital signs (heart rate, breathing rate, temperature and blood pressure) and also reports immediately to the RN case manager if there are any significant changes in the patient's condition.

The home health aide will help to transfer the patient from bed to chair or sofa, into the bathroom or other areas. The home health aide, along with other staff will share techniques for safely transferring the patient. However, it is the RN case manager's responsibility for teaching the patient and family. A physical therapist may also explain safe transfer techniques to the family and patient.

Hospice Homemakers help to keep the patient's care area clean, neat and safe. The homemaker may provide cleaning services, grocery shopping or other errands. The homemaker may also run errands for the patient and/or family. If the area where your loved one is staying needs cleaning, you may ask the RN case manager to have a hospice homemaker sent out to your home.

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