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There are many organizations on both State and National levels which promote hospice. These organizations are not consumer-advocacy groups, but lobbying groups which protect the interests of corporate hospices. Even though they often state that they are interested in promoting quality hospice care, they are not going to publicly admit the severity of fraud in the hospice industry. They act more like PR/Public Relations organizations which publicize the benefits of hospice, and also act as industry lobbying forces to protect the industry and promote legislation or laws of interest to hospices.

Hospice organizations are excellent sources for general information about hospice care and may help you locate a hospice. However, quite often they will only notify you of hospices which are members of their organization. If a hospice exists in your area which is not a member of the organization, you may not learn about it from the hospice organization. Many hospices do NOT join the many hospice organizations because they do not wish to waste their money on political organizations. If you want to know what hospices exist in your area, it is best to simply check your local yellow pages under the listing "Hospices," or ask your attending physician. There are many hospices serving the public, and the quality of care can vary widely.

While you may have read that if you had a complaint against a hospice, you could contact a hospice organization, contacting a hospice organization is not the proper route to take in order to resolve a complaint. Because hospice organizations are made up of member hospices and receive donations from the member hospices, the organization has a vested interest in protecting its own members: the hospices, not you or the hospice patients. You need to get information about your rights, request the hospice to fix the problem and provide the services needed and if not, immediately file formal complaints with your State's Department of Licensing and Certification which inspects hospices and investigates complaints. You also need to file complaints with your regional U.S. Office of the Inspector General and U.S. Attorney's Office. You may use the complaint form provided within this website for your convenience: Click here for complaint form.

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