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For an ever increasing number of the "working poor," health insurance coverage is becoming harder to obtain. Many family breadwinners are working at part-time jobs without health care benefits, and the trend for employers to cut back on these benefits may continue as competition among businesses continues to be quite strong. Even if you don't have any health care coverage, you can obtain hospice services from some hospice agencies.

A number of hospices are charitable, nonprofit corporations which receive charitable donations from other corporations, charitable organizations such as United Way, or from private individuals in the community. These donations are often used to help the hospice provide services for those patients who cannot pay and don't have health insurance coverage.

If you personally need hospice care or know of someone who does need this care, contact hospice agencies in your area and ask them if they provide hospice services on a charitable basis. You should be able to find assistance from one of the hospices in your area. If not, you may wish to consider contacting a nonprofit charitable hospice in a nearby city.

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