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Approaching death has a way of sobering all of us, so it is quite normal for many to re-evaluate their beliefs about life, religion and what happens after death. Hospice offers support at this time of questioning. Questioning why this illness occurred, where to find the strength to face all the challenges, how to face life without our loved one at our side...all of these questions and many more relentlessly confront us.

Hospice spiritual counselors can help you work through emotions and questions about your loved one’s impending death, the meaning of life and other questions you may be wrestling with. Whatever your belief, hospice staff will be there at your side to listen and support you. Hospices have ministers on staff (or on call) who are especially trained in dealing with the grief that arises when dealing with a terminal illness, and staff will assist you to find a spiritual counselor of your own religious denomination.

Some families have not attended religious services for quite a while, yet feel a need for spiritual guidance at these times. If you want this type of assistance, simply let the staff know and arrangements will be made. Hospice chaplains can also provide much insight and uplifting comfort. Even if you have no religious orientation, you still may wish to speak with the chaplain, and that's "ok" too.

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