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If you are considering filing a civil suit or getting a criminal conviction in a wrongful death, negligence or involuntary euthanasia case, you will need an attorney's legal counsel and quite often, a nurse legal consultant's review of your loved one's case. An attorney or criminal prosecutor will not even take a case on officially, until it has been reviewed by medical and nursing experts who review the medical record and other evidence. Nursing legal consultants can help establish a case for the civil courts and also point out violations of standards of care that may get a prosecutor to go forward with a criminal case.

A legal nurse consultant does not give out legal or medical advice, but rather evaluates the case from a nursing perspective to determine whether or not the nursing standards of care were or were not violated. If you are working with an attorney, or seeking to work with an attorney, make sure that an expert legal nurse consultant (or physician) is consulted to get an evaluation of the case from a clinical perspective.

Need to File Complaint with State Nursing Board

In addition, if you are considering some form of legal action, most courts will want to know what the state Nursing Board has determined with regard to the case. You can file a complaint with the State Nursing Board as a necessary first step toward legal action. It is wise to get a nursing review of the case before filing a complaint with the State Nursing Board, since an expert nurse may point out areas of malpractice or violations of standards of care which you may not be aware of.

Get a Nursing Review of the Case

You must have a complete copy of the medical record for a physician or legal nurse consultant to review! Make sure to find a consultant who works for plaintiffs' attorneys rather than defense attorneys (ask them which side they usually work for).

If you are having difficulty getting the chart, please look at some suggestions about how to get the chart. Legal nurse consultants will not take calls over the phone and give an opinion based upon a phone conversation. These consultants are only for those who are definitely pursuing legal action and have the medical record already.

The following legal nurse consultants are listed here only for those definitely seeking legal action and have a complete medical record to mail to them for review. You should have your attorney (or prospective attorney) contact the legal nurse consultants for you, as legal nurse consultants serve as professional advisors to the attorneys in legal cases. providing a review of a specific case from a medical and nursing perspective.

    Director & Founder Multiple Chronic Conditions Resource Center
    Tel. 912.547.0905
    Email:    drkimkuebler AT multiplechronicconditions.org

    *Professional Biography*

    Dr. Kuebler is an Adult Nurse Practitioner graduate from Emory University's School of Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice graduate from Vanderbilt University. She has received state and national attention and funding - for integrating palliative care interventions into traditional healthcare systems through coordination and continuity in patient care and follow-up.

    She has over two decades of palliative and chronic disease management experiences - specializing in the clinical aspects of disease, symptoms and self-management for patients living with multiple chronic conditions. She is a selected Mayday Pain Fellow from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY. Dr. Kuebler has generated extensive peer-reviewed contributions to the nursing and medical literature and has received national awards from multiple textbooks.

    Dr. Kuebler has studied with international palliative care experts in Canada and the United Kingdom and is a World Health Organization volunteer selected to teach and make medical palliative care rounds in China. Kuebler was appointed to the Michigan Governors Commission for End of Life Care legislation and held two consecutive appointments to the Medicare Evidence Advisory Committee, through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    Kuebler has successfully demonstrated a self-owned primary care rural community based practice evaluating patients in clinic, home and consultation in long-term care settings and hospital. Kuebler preforms clinical research and dissemination of findings through peer review publications and national, international conference presentations. Kuebler is the Medical Team Leader for Ortho Sport and Spine Physicians in Savannah, GA and is an active health policy advocate, editor, author, educator, researcher and expert clinician.

    Dr. Kim Kuebler DNP, APRN, ANP-BC
    Director & Founder Multiple Chronic Conditions Resource Center
    Tel:   912.547.0905

    Medical Team Leader, Ortho Sport and Spine Physicians
    6600 Abercorn Street, Ste 206
    Savannah, GA 31405

    Adjunct Professor, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program
    Wilkes University, PA
    Email: Kim.Kuebler AT Wilkes.edu

    Adjunct Professor, Graduate Nursing Program
    South University Online
    Email: kkuebler AT southuniversity.edu

  • You can search for a legal nurse consultant by using the LNC Locator, found on the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants' web site, www.aalnc.org/page/lnc-locator. The site has other information about legal nurse consultants that is quite helpful.

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