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Disabled?     Dead!

by Ron Panzer
March 30, 2005

While the world debates the issues, Terri Schindler's life is being whittled away, bit by bit, hour by hour, moment by moment. As the world watches, our sister is being murdered before our very eyes. The major media has never impartially brought out the issues in this case. Terri Schindler is a disabled woman, targeted for execution because she exists.

Cause of Death?

Barring a miracle and elected leaders who suddenly find the courage to do what they pretended to do (and really save Terri), Terri Schindler will be dead, not from a terminal illness, not from a disability, but from another cause of death. In this case, the death certificate should read: "state-ordered homicidal disregard for the value of my life as a disabled woman," or "killed by a philosophical view of the world: secular bioethics." Or, it might read: "greed." Or: "utilitarianism." Or simply: "evil."

The death certificate will be falsified. That is certain. It will not say, "state ordered murder." It will not say, "state-ordered dehydration." It will not say, "failure of the Governor to act as the supreme governmental authority according to the Florida Constitution." It will not say, "intentional obstruction of justice by the courts in Florida" or "intentional failure by the state attorney's office to conduct investigations into criminal activity in Pinellas County." It will not say, "broad conspiracy to commit murder," yet these would be more accurate.

What will the death certificate read, "died of natural causes?" "Old age?" "Died of disability?" No, Terri Schindler will have died out of a societal bias against the disabled, a desire not to care for those in need, a belief system that devalues anyone who fails to meet the arbitrary standard of the observer.

The Media and the Disability Community

Why is it that the major media has consistently refused to cover the disability rights angle to this case? Why is it that they do not wish to hear from them? Well, it's very obvious; disabled individuals who make reasonable arguments for the value of their existence are inconvenient for the culture of death. They don't match the stereotype they consistently portray. What is that stereotype? The view that the disabled are "better off dead!" Yet, any disabled person who comes forward and says, "I want to live, even as I am," obliterates the false picture the culture of death paints of people who are disabled.

Providing limited, selected information is a propaganda tool used to manipulate the public. Consistently blaring the messages of those who favor "death to the disabled" while silencing the voices of the disabled themselves is the pattern today. There has been an absolute refusal of the major media to let the disabled communicate their insight into what is occurring in this case!

The major media likes to periodically have a cute story about the "Special Olympics" from time to time, showing how "caring" they are. "How sweet!" "How wonderful" they say in public, but in their heart of hearts, they really don't care. They really think, "gee, I'd really rather be dead than disabled," and therefore they decide, "maybe they'd be better off dead." They really think, "hmmm, maybe we should just put them out of their misery, abort them if we can, euthanize them if we don't get them at birth, ... make sure they aren't around."

People wonder where the disability activists have been. They certainly have been ready to speak out. They have been speaking out. Have CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX given wide coverage to the voices of the disabled in this story? Absolutely not! Yet what is this story about? It is about the state-sanctioned and ordered murder of an innocent disabled woman who cannot defend herself, who has been abused and neglected for more than a decade.

Societal Transformation

The efforts to change how society views the disabled seem to be schizophrenic. On the one hand, we are taught that we should defer to the disabled, give them special parking spots, make our buildings wheelchair accessible, yet on the other hand, it's "OK" to discount their views if they are speaking out; it's "OK" to abort them if they are "detected" during pregnancy; and, it's "OK" to euthanize them should they become inconvenient (already practiced in the Netherlands and coming soon to a "health" clinic near you).

Want to know the reality? It's already happening here in the U.S.A. Chronically ill, severely disabled, elderly ... hauled off into some hospices around our country, "certified" as "terminal" by some physicians with an agenda, readily accepted by hospices who dare not question the authority of a physician who is sending "business" their way. Yes, the "system" sanctions murder of the disabled, chronically ill and elderly. Yes, the "system" kills. And yes, it's happening not too far from where you live, sometimes. For the person who is hauled off against their wishes, the result is lethal.

Family members may "wield" hospice to kill off their unwanted victim, a family member who has the misfortune of being ill, disabled or elderlly. Guardians may "wield" hospice to kill off the ward, doing the "approved thing" of making sure "compassion in dying" is "administered" to those who should not suffer from "wrongful life." And in the mean time, the guardians won't mind filling their pockets while handing some out to others behind the scenes, under the table. Why not? They do it. Why? Because they can! Because they want to. Because there's big money in it, and because "it's policy." Whose policy? The policy of the string-pullers at the think tanks. The string-pullers who decide where our society is going. It's a done deal, long ago. A foregone conclusion: "Disabled?" "Dead!"

Those leaders of the culture of death openly speak about their goals, their values and how they seek to further their agenda. Living wills, advanced directives, do-not-resuscitate documents are all recognized by the culture of death as steps towards open legalization of euthanasia. They knew that "choice" and "patient rights" were the wedge they would use to promote their goals. They are the ones that promoted these documents and "educated us" that we needed them.

However, where does this end? How far will it go? How far can it go? In Terri's case, pretty far: death! That's about as "far" as it can go. That's as far as it went in Nazi Germany. The leaders of the culture of death in our society agree with Adolf Hitler that the disabled are better off dead, and scoff in disbelief if anyone should "seriously" suggest that there is value in the lives of the disabled.

Yet, each one of us is just one accident away, one illness away, one old age away from becoming disabled. We come into this world unable, and we leave this world unable, disabled. Should we therefore execute all infants who are unable? Or execute all very elderly who are unable or disabled? Or execute all very ill or disabled?

I must ask, what ever happened to the allegiance to the Hippocratic oath to do no harm? What ever happened to the idea therein that a physician may never administer a medication to cause death? What ever happened to simply caring, not killing?

Marching into the Future

So, the culture of death will take our society "forward," they say. "Progress," they say. But "progress" for whom? And who benefits? And what happens to the very best of our society? What happens to the heart of American values? What happens to the respect for the freedom to simply live? Up till this point we have had not just a "freedom" to live, but also an absolute "right" to live! Now, we are supposed to swallow the idea that the severely disabled must be dead, because the "state" says so.

"Oh, no," you argue. You say, "That's not what happened here ... it was Michael Schiavo who said 'Terri wouldn't want to live this way.'" No! That alone does not explain what happened. It was the "state" in the person of a small time county judge, Judge Greer, who was empowered by the state to decide what evidence or testimony he would accept and what evidence or testimony he would reject. It was the "state" that completely ignored the testimony of Terri's own best friend that she would want to live, that she said, "where there is life, there is hope."

It is the "state" representative who decided he would only accept the evidence or testimony that would lead to the death of "the disabled" in the case (Terri Schindler). It was predetermined. The "state" chose not to stop the judge. The "state" wanted this death.

The conclusion of "the court" (meaning the human Judge Greer) was going to be "death" to the disabled, no matter what evidence or testimony was offered by those arguing for Terri Schindler's life. Something similar to a mob likely paid to cry out, "crucify Him, crucify Him." The "state" needed this conclusion. The "state" wanted this conclusion. And Governor Jeb Bush, President George Bush, the "concerned" legislators in the Congress and the Florida legislature all know that they stopped short of what was needed to really save Terri, though each of them could have saved Terri.

The reality is that these "players" in the government want selected disabled to be made dead. They balance the budget that way, and that makes them look "good" to their constituents. The disabled? Well, they know that the disabled are a minority who often cannot vote and can therefore be mistreated, discriminated against, even murdered with impunity. There was a time when blacks in this country could not vote, and they were routinely mistreated, enslaved, discriminated against, even murdered with impunity. Today, the disabled are the easy targets, the "acceptable" targets of discrimination, disability rights laws notwithstanding!

Disabled? Away with them, says the "state."

You should be afraid.

"You're not disabled," you say? No problem: you are just one accident, one illness, one old age away from disability. And when you become disabled? Dead! And not just "dead" in your timing, you will be made dead in the "state's" timing! That is what the "state" representatives have decided. Pontius Pilates: all of them! Pretending to be free of guilt, pretending to have no responsibility for the killing of the disabled, they are not willing to save the disabled; in fact, they have targeted the disabled. That is the reality. Actions, not words, reveal the real agenda.

And, please! Don't tell me they do not know what they are doing! They know exactly what they are doing!

"Progress." "Changing the way America thinks about dying." Those are the goals of these death dealers, who "know" (they think) that they "know better" who should be allowed to live and who should be "allowed" to (or made to) die. Joseph Stalin thought he knew better. Adolf Hitler thought he knew better. Fidel Castro thinks he knows better (and has executed many thousands over the years). The totalitarian Communist Chinese government leaders think they know better. Is that where we wish to go? Is it really? Is that the new America we must defend and support?

Without that Constitutional basic "right" to live, what remains? Not the America I hold so dear!


[Note: Terri Schindler was murdered at 9:05 a.m. Eastern Time, March 31, 2005, through the state-ordered dehydration sanctioned by the court, requested by the in-name-only husband Michael Schiavo, and long sought as a legal case precedent by the right-to-kill euthanasia advocates that run the hospice where she was imprisoned and denied rehabilitation and even the most basic rights. Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, is a well-known advocate of euthanasia and was the chairman of the board of this hospice when he took the Schiavo case in order to further his agenda.]

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