[Note: this is a document in the public record, filed by Lawrence Cranberg, PhD regarding the plight of Lottie Irene Gradick, his friend. Even Dr. Cranberg, being one of the most prominent scientists in the world, stated that he was unable to prevent the untimely demise of Ms. Gradick in the health care system.]

Case No. 03-03-00389-CV

In the Third Court of Appeals, Austin, TX

Lawrence Cranberg, Appellant


Herbert Wilson and Judith Wilson, Appellees

Supplement to Brief



I, Lawrence Cranberg, Ph.D., do hereby swear that the following is a truthful and accurate account of the struggles to survive of Miss Lottie Irene Gradick - Editor, Administrator, Musician, Poet, Socialite, 2000-2003


I. Falls. Herbert Wilson´s role in the care of the life of Miss Lottie Irene Gradick began in the autumn of the year 2000, when, at age 92+ she began to fall, and living alone faced the risk of breaking bones and of not being able to get help.


I began a series of breakfast meetings with Wilson to discuss in-house help, until it became obvious by November, 2000, that he had no interest in the idea, but was reluctant to refuse to meet me. The situation came to a climax at the end of that month when I found Lottie lying on the floor of her home, unconscious, and called 911 to take her to St. David´s hospital. End of Episode I. Lottie survives.


II. Nursing Home. With no broken bones, she was discharged a day later, and for the first time since Wilson had acquired Power of Attorney in l996, he asserted that Power, informing me he was putting her in a nursing home, and gave me the address on Burnet Lane in Austin, Texas..


I visited her next day in that nursing home. Lottie was alone, in a thin nightgown, shivering from cold, with only a single thin blanket, in a shabby establishment that reeked of human urine, and calling for help but unable to get any. I fetched blankets, bought her some flowers and trinkets, and left for the Wilson residence nearby. I was greeted by Mrs. Wilson with these words; "I knew we would see him!"


When I suggested that Lottie be returned to her home, Herb spoke up: "Who will take care of her?" In short, the cat was out of the bag. The Wilsons were merely humoring me for months with the pretense they wanted in-house help. Their plan became obvious: Lottie was to end her days in a shabby nursing home. At my insistence, Nursefinder´s Inc. of Austin was called, and by Dec. 3-4 Lottie was home and under professional care. End of Episode II. Lottie survives.



III. Medication-Poisoning. That care lasted just one week, when Wilson broke a one-month contract, and he hired Michelle Phillips (MP) to manage Lottie´s care. She proved to be a felon and a three-times poison-murder suspect, who in February, 2003, ground-up and put in Lottie´s food a medication that dropped her weight from 82 to 74 pounds in ten days. Lottie urged me to consult her physician, Grover L. Bynum, M. D., and I insisted on cessation of its use. Lottie recovers under tender, loving care of Tess Iversen, B. S., M. A., (Stockholm). MP challenges her credentials, insults her. She is discharged March 25. End of Episode III. Lottie survives.


IV Harassment. On April 2, 2001, Wilson and I are visiting Miss Gradick. She orders him out of the room, and tells me that the previous day Wilson had told her I was tired of her and would not see her anymore. I assured her that was utterly false. End of Episode IV, Lottie survives.



V. Assault and Imprisonment. On May 10, 2001, I am barred from ever seeing Lottie again. Lottie is locked in her home under 24-hour guard. Am arrested twice for trespass. March 12, 2003, church visitor Karen Schmidt hears Lottie "screaming with anguish". April 24, 2003, Lottie taken to Seton hospital with broken hip. Lottie removed to Cornerstone Hospital circa May 1, 2003. I am physically barred, on threat of arrest from seeing her, flower delivery is rejected. Lottie dies on May 22, 2003. End of Episode V. End of the life of Miss Lottie Irene Gradick. She is buried in Austin Municipal Cemetery on May 28, 2003.


Five days after Lottie´s funeral at Wilson´s church (he a Baptist, she an Episcopalian who willed ten thousand dollars to her church), he moves to probate her will. Meanwhile, Lottie lay buried under naked soil. Five months later she has no headstone, and fifty small American flags have been removed from her burial site in five raids by Herb Wilson.

Lawrence Cranberg, Ph. D.
Affiliate Member, Texas Geriatric Society

Pro se


Notice of Service


I certify that on October 16, 2003, I served a copy of the foregoing document by hand delivery, on the following:


Christine J. Larson
803 West 10th St.
Austin,TX 78701

Lawrence Cranberg, Ph. D.





Physicist, educator, b. July 4, 1917, N. Y. C., m. Charlotte Mount, 1953: children Alex, Nicole.

B. S. in Physics, M.S. in Ed., City Coll. N. Y., l937;
A.M. Physics, Harvard U., l941;
Ph.D. in Physics, U. Pa., l949. Postal Clerk, 1936-37, teacher, Townsend Harris High School, Brooklyn Technical High School, l937-38;
Sr. Physicist, group leader optical electronics, Signal Corps Engnr. Labs, l940-50;
mem. staff, Los Alamos Sci. Lab. 1950-63;
Prof. physics, founder and director Physics Accelerator Lab, Princ. Investigator, NSF, U. Va. l963-71; v. p. R&D Accelerators Inc., Austin, 1971-73; consulting physicist, Austin, l973-; pres. TDN, Inc., Austin, 1974-, Tex. Fireframe Co., Austin, 1974-. vis. prof. physics, Case Inst. Tech., 1959, Edward G. Budd Lecturer, Ethical Problems of Scientists, Franklin Institute, 1966; editorial columnist, West Austin News, l987-89; columnist N.Y.C.Tribune, 1988-91; cons. Tex. Nuclear Corp., Atomic Energy of Japan; U. S. GAO, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc; Tech Adviser, U. S. Delegation, First International Conf. Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, 1955; public policy expert energy, entrepreneurship/free enterprise, ethics, higher education, intellectual property, research funding, aging/elder care, Heritage Found. l987-. Founder-editor, Nuclear and Chemical Waste Mgmt., 1978-92. Co-founder Austin Soc. to Oppose Pseudosci., 1981-; co-founder, chair. Ctrl.Va. affiliate, ACLU, l967-71; charter member, People Against Violent Crime, 1982-, elected Faculty Senate, U. Va. l970; Guggenheim Fellow, Atomic Energy Resrch Establishment, 1961-62; member Am. Phys. Soc. 1944-; nominated Fellow, 1957, by 1995 Nobelist F.Reines, elected Fellow, 1958-, organizer, chair, secondary edn. future physicists meeting 1993; mem. Amer. Assn. U. Prof. (emeritus) 1963-, John Dewey Soc., AARP, Amer. Assn. U.Women, ACLU (recently rejoined), funded best letter-to-editor awards, Nat. Newspaper Assn.; Affiliate Member Texas Geriatrics Society; Texas Renewables Energy Industries Association; Collateral interests: parliamentary procedure, campaign financing reform, academic freedom, credibility assessment, ageism, auto safety, clinical trial methods, energy renewables, radiation therapy, Marxism (unpublished book and play), general history




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