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A Nurse on 9/11

September 11, 2011

We look back
          shaking our heads.

We look around
          wondering that madness persists.

Killers kill ... guns, planes, drugs
          whatever they can find.

Some even stop old mouths
          who cry out for food and drink.

Or grab a pillow
          or a quick shot.

They do things wrong
          just to put them down.

And think they're "the best,"
          "sophisticated," "smart."

But they're just
          killers killing.

Wandering through life
          not seeing, not feeling, not loving.

Never seeing the beauty of this world
          never moved by song, sunset or sky.

They grab power
          with tricks and lies

Forgetful and blind
          Then banish the carers who love.

They fill the halls
          with cold, calculating closers

What can we do?
          you wonder again and again.

Wringing your hands
          crying endless tears.

We can look back
          remembering those who've been lost

Those who stepped forward
          running to those in need, to their death

We, like those responders
          step forward to care

Move to do
          what needs to be done

But we, who wear white
          have no parade

When we die in the line of duty
          ... no pension

Though more of us are injured
          on the job than any other

We dare to care
          and do the lowliest things and bring comfort

We dare to be
          who we are

Though some object
          some mock and ridicule.

Simply by being
          we change the world

This little bit
          no mystery, no fanfare

Though our patients hit,
          kick and spit

And then ask everything and more
          we give.

Patients come and go
          yet we go on

For He said,
          "great is your reward in heaven."

Though we opened hearts to betrayers
          and accusers who falsely speak

We're in good company
          suffering for their sake

Knowing we walk
          the path He walked

Yes, we change the world
          where we are

For the entire world is
          only a little bit

Here and there and there
          wherever we are

So step forward
          Reach out to care

We will share the love
          that comes with His Spirit

No politics
          no left, no right

No war here,
          though war is all around

And heal the madness
          of the world

A little bit here
          and there and there

This we can do
          for we are not alone

Though it seems so
          He guides us on our way

Step forward
          daring to care

On this day
          and the next and the next

Like those at the Towers
          rushed in and saved so many

In the face of evil
          they cared and cared

Killers can kill in the shadows
          but they cannot darken the light

Police and firefighters
          saved so many

Handing them to the nurses of 9/11
          forgotten heroes, all

Who knowing the value of a life
          are too busy caring to kill

The best way to honor them
          is to do as they did

Giving and giving
          and giving again

          this answer given

          this eternal way

          this love.

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