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True Man in the World

by Ron Panzer

January 8, 2013

You walked these same roads,
as Man in the world.
Knowing the pain of being born
and the pain and joy of this world.

True Man, once in the world,
You hold the keys to our secret journey,
Calling out to us,
You smile, so radiant, so pure!

True Man in the world
You help us leave disputes behind
Telling us, whispering — the truth,
"God is here now, believe! Arise!"

Merciful One,
we kneel at Your feet
and hold on tight, forever, forever more.
Yes, Lord. It is You!

Your glory reaches from earth to sky,
to the farthest unknown star.
Beauty shines through all You are,
Your radiant crown declares that You alone are just!

We grow old, we grow weary,
but through it all, You are here.
Save us from ourselves!
For we are lost in a desert of our own making.

True Man in the world,
though not lost into this world,
fully human Son of Man, utterly divine Son of God!
Who can understand Your wondrous ways?

We are ready now, our lamps are lit,
we reach out now to You,
True Light of the world.
Jesus! Saviour! ... beginning and true end.

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