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You Found Me

by Ron Panzer

October 27, 2010

Do we remember our purpose?
Do we deny
or flee at the first surprise?

Though we are weak,
Can we feel the strength
and return to the path?

Will we put our backs to the task?
To finish the fight
and die in service to the Lord.

When will we remember?
When will we awaken from our slumber?
How many need to die?

How many need to cry?
What will it take to turn
stone hearts to living water?

What will it take to
allow blind eyes to see?
Only His Grace, Only His Love
Only the Lord, Only the Lord.

Forgive me, forgive me dear Lord!
For forgetting & valuing the cheap,
like a child I was lost, so lost!

But You found me
and brought me home.
Oh God, You found me and brought me home!

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